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Trade Fairs and Events

Trade Fairs

Small bouquets or grand installations – trade fairs and events need a lot of flowers and the requirements to flowers are high. Therefore we buy, cultivate and deliver only the best ones.

Benefit from our short transport routes and high flexibility. Our garden store is located directly at the trade fair highway (Messeschnellweg) and at the south entrance to the fair ground.

Please note you have to order from us directly to make sure your company gets the high quality and beautiful design you want. Orders placed through OBS+ (Online Business Service) of Deutsche Messe will not reach us.


Our offers in the event and trade fair segment range from standard booth design to full landscaping. Our landscaping design services include cultivating flower beds, laying ready-to-roll lawns, delivery of stones, layout of ground stones, way design with rind, creating stone ornaments with boulders, and many other services.

We also offer big indoor arrangements. Choose between room installation inspired by Asian art with bamboo rods, or park-like premises with pretty privet or noble laurel. You can rent or buy all plants of up to 5m height.


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Examples as pdf downloads

Floral bouquets
(examples, 718.66 Kb)
Palm trees, Mediterranean shrubs
 (examples, 788.06 Kb)